Aksure offers unparalleled depth of knowledge in online and offline marketing analysis, strategy and execution. We have 20+ years of marketing experience across dozens of verticals ranging from retail, B2B, electronics, apparel, software, home goods, services and more. Through our years of experience we've launched and grown products, sites, and brands all with a laser focus on performance. We integrate offline and online campaigns, strategies and execution via attribution, transparency and rapid prototyping to ensure that the results are remarkable and impactful. Get the ultimate reach and frequency from your marketing when you partner with us.

The Aksure Marketing Difference?

  1. Seamless: Whether you're looking for full turnkey solutions or additional marketing bandwidth and support - we ensure that the interaction and execution is clean.
  2. Holistic: Many agencies out there who handle 'digital marketing' will pigeonhole themselves into specific zones, particularly Adwords and Facebook Ads. However, there is so much more out there to an encompassing marketing strategy and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We will recommend and implement the best path across dozens of channels or platforms.
  3. Experience: We operate from 30,000 feet AND we work in the trenches and throughout. This is the essence of true marketing grit and experience. Owning the launch, growth and other marketing strategies through and through with 20+ years of experience in countless verticals.
  4. Transparency: We work tirelessly to remove the word 'nebulous' from marketing results. Leveraging analytics, attribution, data and integrated methods - we ensure that every channel or strategy is mapped, tracked and reported. This allows us to optimize and fine tune the strategy and gives you the peace of mind with solid results-driven execution. 

Marketing Strategy at Aksure


We work with these major marketing channels as well as dozens more:


Google Adwords Facebook and Instagram Ads
Google Adwords Management by Aksure Facebook Ads Management by Aksure
Microsoft Bing Ads DoubleClick by Google & Programmatic Ads
Bing Ads Management by Aksure DoubleClick and Programmatic Advertising Management by Aksure
Influencer Marketing Email Marketing & Automation
Influencer Marketing Management by Aksure Email Marketing Management by Aksure
SMS / Push Marketing Content Marketing
SMS and Push Marketing Management by Aksure Content Marketing Management by Aksure
SEO Social Media Marketing
SEO Management by Aksure Social Media Management by Aksure
Television Traditional Media
Television Management by Aksure
Traditional Media Management by Aksure
 Affiliate Marketing Program Management
Affiliate Marketing Program Management by Aksure