Audits and Assessments

At Aksure, we assess your current structure to better understand the People Side of the business:

1.The Key Stakeholders/Partners – Understanding the landscape to better deliver a strategy to address the team’s needs and expectations.

2.The Operational Teams – Review the current teams that provide marketing, call center support, order management, order Fulfillment, and eCommerce store operations.

This helps us ensure that the eCommerce Strategy, Road map and recommendation is aligned to all the key teams.

We also assess your current Operations to better understand the Process/Technologies of the business:

1.Corporate Policies/Governance– Review and understand the current ownerships/accountability policies and processes.

2.Operational Processes – Review the current process flows that connect marketing, call center support, order management, order fulfillment, and eCommerce store operations.

3.Assess the current eCommerce Technologies – Review the current systems & integrations across the organization.

This helps us determine the decision and operational processes within the organization as well as the technological landscape.

Our professional consultants provide an in-depth look at your business. Identifying gaps, opportunities and recommendations.