Digital Marketing Decoded: Your Website Is An Uninhabited Island

It’s easy to get lost and confused with all the techno babble accompanying the rapid development of digital marketing technologies. Aspiring online entrepreneurs often endure a considerable amount of effort to familiarize with concepts such as “SEO”, “link building” or social media marketing to promote their businesses. It’s a steep learning curve for those who aren’t Internet-savvy. Fortunately, it’s simple and helpful to put everything into perspective.

Your Website Is An Island Waiting To Be Discovered And Populated

You won’t find a better analogy for your business website. The Internet is a sea of information where different domains (islands) communicate with each other through a complex network of “bridges.” These “bridges” form an ecosystem of information that practically mirrors social interactions in real life. These parallels remain similar in entrepreneurial context.

Build Bridges To Your Island And Reap The Benefits

Each new business website begins as a small and isolated island. Your island needs infrastructures enabling the access, communication and promotion of your business. These infrastructures are the “bridges” that you must create. You use them to spread the word about your island and bring traffic into it. And more traffic means more business opportunities, sales, and profit. Roughly speaking, there are two types of bridges:

Proactive bridges

Proactive bridges consist of aggressive digital marketing methods that help to rapidly raise your brand awareness. They’re tailored to generate more traffic, sales and/or visibility for your business in a short period of time.

Strong presence in social networks – These powerful and versatile digital marketing tools allow you to engage others in many different ways and types of media. People can see your business’s activities and within reach, winning you a large number of potential customers. Social networks also make great channels of customer support.

Link building – Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about ensuring that some of the traffic flowing through search engines goes to your island. One way to do so is increasing the amount of inbound links to your website. Link building may be proactive or passive, depending on how you use it. A backlink where your webpage(s) is cited and linked by another website for reference is a passive form of link building.

Email marketing – This is a very aggressive online marketing strategy, especially when used with non-clients. When well-managed, it’s an effective way to win new customers or repeat business with previous partners and clients.

Passive bridges

Passive bridges are the means by which others take notice of the quality of your business website. Passive bridges exert a profound influence over your long-term reputation, which is instrumental in finding new business opportunities and reinforcing customer loyalty.

Attractive web design – The better designed your website is, the more time people will want to stay, explore and return. Good web design is associated with competence and commitment.

Valuable content – Your reputation isn’t merely the result of your services or products, but also the expertise you exhibit. Showcasing your knowledge with well-written and useful articles improves your island’s ranking in search engines, bringing more traffic to you.

Any Island Needs A Population To Thrive

There are many other digital marketing tricks you can use, but the whys and hows of these “bridges” should be straightforward to understand now. To grow a successful online business, you must look at the Internet phenomenon as a whole, understand how it works, and your place in it. Solid understanding of digital marketing puts you ahead of the game of competitors. It also saves you money since you don’t need someone else to promote your business anymore.

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